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No.27, East.Sarv, Ave. Sa'adat-Abad, Tehran, Iran
Post code:
+98 21 22067254
+98 21 22067256
Member of ITOA & The international eco tourism society
About Us » introduction

DornaGasht Tour & travel Agency has been established in 1995 with 17 employees (now), including tour leaders, marketing managers, accounting and other members.

It is one of the most experienced leading destination management companies In Iran organizing group Inbound and Outbound tours & Accredited by AATTA (Association of Air Transport & Tourist Agencies of Iran),ITOA (Iranian Inbound Tour Operator association).

We promote the level of our quality with participating in important international tourism exhibitions like ITB, WTM, FITUR, Matka etc. annually.

The agency is under the total reliance of cultural heritage, handicraft & tourism organization for doing tourism and cultural projects and researches.

With our great selection we can provide clients with any holiday package for less. We launched this site to provide you with an easy and informative choice while providing the best pricing on most everything we sell.

Operating over 250 incoming tours a year with client`s complete satisfaction and being introduced to others by our former clients reveals the quality of our service and the knowledge of our members.

Company name: Dornagasht Tour & Travel Agency tour operator

Trade name: Dornagasht

Ownership: Private

Total number of employees: 17

Registered License: Aj/311/1222
Ministry of Cultural & Islamic Guidance

Our mission:
  • Treat our clients the way we want to be treated and to fulfill their wants and needs at the right price.
  • Be the best in the eyes of our clients.
  • Care & respect for every individual.
  • Eagerness in every simple step of our duty which leaves the best influence on thoughts.
  • Keep High quality standards.
  • Determined with providing the best services in operator.
  • Reliable travel services to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Be a Fair Competitor in our field based on a Win Win strategy.



It reflects our philosophy to offer a wide range of adventurous, cultural and heritage journeys that expands the knowledge.

We organize Incoming Tours in the following fields:

  • Historical & Cultural
  • Sports (climbing, Skiing)
  • Adventure (Rafting, Suffari, etc.)
  • Pilgrimage (Tehran, Mashhad, Qom, Ray)
  • Nomads
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Commercial
  • Silk Road (Iran Part)
  • Exhibition tours
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