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City » Yazd
Yazd, the ancient word, in ancient languages means praise.
It is doubtless to say that Yazd is a unique city in Iran. This city is known for special characteristics .people of Yazd are famous for hard working and contentment. They are so welcoming to work that are open to aid wherever is required. Flumes are entangled with the name of yazdi people. Almost all the flumes, as wide as Iran, have been built by Yazdis.Dare to say that some of these flumes are hundreds of kilometers long and function to serve the agricultural and potable purposes.
Yazd is well known for its delicious pastries. Baklava, cotton candies and qotab are anybody's favorite with their rosewater smells.
Another particular feature of Yazdi people is their peacefulness and composure. It could be said that no police interference has been obligatory in this city for the common behavior of Yazdi people which is being civilized, calm and religious. To sum up, this city should be visited to be touched in a full sense of word. The sweet accent of Yazdi people is loved by everyone and it is sometimes imitated by the other Iranian tribes for fun in their meetings, but it could be rarely imitated as well as Yazdi people.
The vast resources such as ironstone, phosphate, coal; together with 4 billion tons of geological resources made Yazd as one of the prominent mineral habitats of Iran.
Date flour mosque:
The smallest mosque in Iran. It is located in Ardakan.the architecture is so much like the Safavid constructions, but the cultural heritage experts are not quite sure about its credibility. The odd name of this mosque is related to the financial problems of people at that time. They had to make flour out of the dates for their survival.
Yazd's magnificent mourning:
The significant mourning custom in Yazd is palm revolving in Tasooa & Ashoora. Even Christians used to have this custom before Easter eve .This custom was held for the victorious entry of Christ and a group of his fellows to Jerusalem. In Shia traditions, this ceremony is of a great holiness which is so old and held in Imam Hossein's (the third leader of Shia) memorial service. In each mourning place people tie palm and the other mourning tools which are moved among the group of mourners.
Yazd, a magnificent city surrounded by the silence of deserts, has lots of unsaid words. Its silence towers, fire temples quote the unuttered secrets of patient residents who do not frown even in the most troublesome conditions of their lives. So, do not miss visiting these welcoming, hospitable, and sweet accented residents of silent deserts.
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