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Tour » Ski Tour » 4 Day Ski Package in Dizin Iran
The brief itinerary

Dornagasht ski tour has everything you want for your precious holiday. We offer ski and snowboard accommodation packages for all your ski holiday needs. Come and join us for a stress free precious ski holiday!

The brief itinerary

DAY 1: Arrive in Tehran/Drive to Dizin ski resort

DAY 2: Dizin ski resort

DAY 3: Dizin ski resort

DAY 4: Departure

The detailed itinerary
Day 1 - Dizin Ski Resort [Tehran]
Arrive at IkA Airport (Tehran), where you’ll greet and get assist from our representative. Roll on to Dizin ski trail and enjoy the remainder of the day to ski if the arrival takes part at pre-dawn, Overnight Dizin.
Day 2 - Dizin ski resort [Tehran]
After breakfast you will go off to the charming but challenging ski trail in the stunning Snowy Mountains, where you will spend the day enjoying the excitement of your descents when you are ski touring. There are lifts to take you up and lots of interesting routes to ski down. Its north facing, so the snow is very good and you can go for it! Its a perfect place for practicing ski technique!
Day 3 – Dizin ski resort [Tehran]
Again, another early start to set off to the ski trail and start the second day of your upcoming adventure. You’ll enjoy your last full day ski tour in the pure snow mountain of Dizin.
Day 4 - Departure [Tehran]
Early in the morning as the sun rises, or even earlier bid farewell to Dizin Ski trail and at last to Iran, as our memorable tour comes to an end, transfer to the airport for the home bound flight.
Note: [Ardabil ]
The first & last day of programs, depend on your flight time so, the necessary changes will be made accordingly.

Our Ski Services : [Ardabil ]
* Iranian Entry Visa Processing If needed

* Hotel accommodation with breakfast

* portages

* Transfer to & from airport/hotel (120 km-one way)

*Accommodation in Dizin 3 star hotel
Dizin Ski Resort
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